Past Projects


We are grateful for the support the Carter-Drenner-KALMS Foundation has provided for our school through the donation of funds for a new Physical Education office and equipment room, support for the technology programs to rebuild and purchase new computers for our labs, and outdoor play equipment for the students. Without the support of the CarterDrennerKalms foundation, these projects would have pulled funds away from curriculum development and student support programs.

Stefan P. Joly, M.Ed.
Principal-Oakridge Private School 


The generosity of the Carter-Drenner-KALMS Foundation has impacted student learning at St. John’s in a variety of ways. Through a CDK Foundation grant, preschool students were able to experience the joy of reading with the purchase of a mobile listening center and audio reading materials. Elementary school students stepped further into 21st century learning with the purchase of virtual reality headsets for the classroom.  Learning is at the fingertips of our students because of Carter-Drenner-KALMS.

Thank you! Blessings!

Jake Hollatz, Ed.D.

Principal-St. John’s Lutheran School

Ed Carter (President of CDK) along with his team helped upgrade the Cerro Villa Library, now thousands of students for years to come will have better access to thousands of books.

This was the Villa Park Elementary Science Room Improvement



Cerro Villa Stem Lab Project – AFTER Renovations